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at the 4th annual Access Luxury Travel Show in Warsaw, Poland and 2nd Access Luxury Travel Show in Budapest, Hungary!

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Welcome to the 4th annual Access Luxury Travel Show in Warsaw, Poland and 2nd Access Luxury Travel Show in Budapest, Hungary and the brand new edition of Access Luxury Travel Show in Istanbul, Turkey!

Being in the centre of the emerging markets of the developing region — Central East Europe, and being part of this event will give your product a great chance to make new contacts, strengthen the established ones even further and reach your target audience.

This year Access Luxury Travel show is also reaching a brand new and promising Turkish market with the potential to grow and expand in the nearest future.

If your goal is to generate business from this new and exciting regions, this is a great event to establish a strong presence.

Unique attributes of Access Luxury Travel Show in Warsaw, Budapest and Istanbul:

Opportunity to meet top decision makers from main TOs and TAs in Poland and Hungary.

Selected hosted buyers from the surrounding countries; eg. Slovakia, Romania and Czech Republic and major cities in Turkey

Over 100 visitors from leisure and MICE agencies.

Well-organized event that will allow you to have a one-on-one personal contact with the TOs and TAs to establish strong cooperation.

Event Schedule

17:00 Welcome drink
17:30 Welcome speech and official opening
17:40 — 21:15 Meetings and presentations
21:15 Raffle and entertainment
During the event there will be catering service and unlimited alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages.
*Small changes in timetable are possible

Market Information

Strong growth in long haul travel from CEE market

Nowadays there is a significant increase in Luxury Outbound Traveling in Central and Eastern European countries. According to Eurostat online publication “Tourism trips of Europeans”, due to the economy rise, people in these countries have started to search new travel destinations and invest more time and money in travelling. In 2014 (the most recent reference year for which complete data was available) residents of the European Union made 2,5 million trips (for personal or professional purpose) and spent 2 562 million nights during those trips. Tourist expenditure amounted to EUR 221 326 million.

Hungarian Market

Experts claim that the outlook on the rise of the Hungarian economy for this and next year is bright due to the planned 15–25% minimum wage hike, increased EU funds inflows, tax cuts and a solid labor market. Experts forecast that the Hungarian economy will expand by 3.0% in 2017 and by 2018, it is expected to grow 2.9%.

Such growth of economy leads to the increase in number of outbound trips. In 2016 the number of outbound trips made by Hungarian residents grew by 9% compared to 2015.

Polish Market

According to an article by FocusEconomics, the rise of polish outbound travel market is conditioned by the rising of economy at the start of 2017, after GDP growth edged up at the end of 2016. Moreover, well developed labor market and government stimulus measures fuel the consumption boom and the rise of GDP. The FocusEconomics panel sees growth of 3.1%. In 2018, the panel sees GDP expanding by 3.3%.

“Increase in outbound tourism among Poles is caused by the improved economy – the household incomes are going up and the unemployment rate is going down.” says Andrzej Betlej, the president of Traveldata.






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*additional nights of accomodation can be provided upon request
Prices for Warsaw and Budapest events are the same

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